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BP FleetMove is an innovative real-time fleet management solution designed to reduce fraud, manage vehicles and reduce operating costs. It offers packages suitable for commercial road transport operators of all sizes.

BP FleetMove consists of three innovative offers:

  • BP FleetMove Card
  • BP FleetMove Plus
  • BP FleetMove Premium

Each offer is designed to give business owners the peace of mind of an expertly managed fleet, by giving them full control every kilometre of the way.

BP FleetMove offers a complete cashless solution to reduce various aspects of fuel fraud. It gives real-time control of refuelling and vehicle management to Fleet Managers via web portals and mobile applications.


BP FleetMove Card

The BP FleetMove Card is an ideal offer for small vehicle fleets.

The BP FleetMove Card gives you the following benefits:

Controlled Spending – Efficient, flexible ways to control your spending.
Added Value – Great rewards with every swipe.
Save Time – Manage day-to-day admin with minimal time and effort.
BP Fuel Quality and Expertise – Trust the experts in fuel technology for over 100 years to fuel your fleet.

BP FleetMove Plus

BP FleetMove Plus is paperless and cardless making refuelling fast and convenient.

Vehicles are identified via a tamper-proof vehicle-specific RFID tag and transactions can only take place on a designated site. Fleet Managers have complete real-time control of all transactions and can make operational decisions immediately.

BP FleetMove Premium

In addition to the FleetMove Plus elements, FleetMove Premium members’ vehicles are fitted with Telematics vehicle tracking devices, and Fuel In Tank security which means changes in fuel levels are compared to pump transactions in real-time.

Driver behaviour can be monitored via geo-fencing control. Fleet Managers will receive an email notification or SMS alert as soon as a vehicle enters or leaves the Geographic Fence that has been set up.

The BP FleetMove Footprint

BP FleetMove is available to an extensive network of more than 500 BP service stations, complemented by a growing network of Masana partner sites in remote locations.

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The Masana and BP Partnership

Masana Petroleum Solutions (Masana) is a strategic partner to BP Southern Africa. Masana is a leading supplier of a range of petroleum products, lubricants and solutions across various B2B sectors and has delivered superior customer service for over ten years.

If you are interested in joining the next generation in fleet management, contact us.

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