Since our inception, Masana has invested in our communities, partnering with these regions to assist with Socio-Economic, Supplier and Enterprise Development.

Masana’s Socio-Economic Development strategy is aimed beyond the compliance treadmill and mindset, with a sharp focus on creating a positive, sustainable difference. All components of Masana’s SED programmes endeavor to reflect the company’s values and corporate culture. The SED guideline drives our various activities/programmes, while ensuring they align with key business strategies. Our social responsibility projects are aimed at promoting employee involvement and collaborating with customers and other stakeholders for the benefit of designated South African communities.

Masana fully supports and remains committed to the promotion of human capital development through structured learning and development programmes. The company recognizes the development of the youth’s knowledge and skills is essential in improving their chances of employment. By implementing educational and training programmes in areas of value, we are nurturing the youth to become effective participants in the economy.

Our goal is to ensure that every cent spent on transformation translates into meaningful, sustainable community developments.

Supplier & Enterprise Development

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