Exchange Rate ZAR/USD
16.35 (0.6%)
Crude Oil
109.03 (-4.6%)
BFP Diesel 50
1762.334 (-0.2%)


Masana Petroleum Solutions is committed to the aspirations of ensuring:

  • No accidents
  • No harm to people
  • No damage to the environment

We, the Leadership of Masana Petroleum Solutions, commit Masana Petroleum Solutions to comply at all times with all relevant Health, Safety and Security legislations, as far as reasonably practicable. Our employees, contractors, visitors, customers and other stakeholders are our greatest assets.

To deliver compliance, we commit to:

  • Ensuring risk identification
  • Implementing and maintaining health, safety and security management systems to drive the mitigation risks associated with our operations and product use
  • Consulting our employees, contractors, visitors and stakeholders on matters affecting their health, safety and security Providing and maintaining equipment in a safe manner
  • Ensure safe use of products
  • Complying with health, safety and security legislations
  • Providing health, safety and security training, awareness and information
  • Conducting periodic review to assess the level of compliance
  • Reporting health, safety and security performance to the relevant stakeholders
  • Ensuring disciplinary action where there is breach of health, safety and security legislations
  • Reviewing and revising the policy every 2 years

HSSE Guide