Exchange Rate ZAR/USD
14.47 (-0.3%)
Crude Oil
85.21 (1%)
BFP Diesel 50
913.509 (-0.01%)

Our key focus areas in CSI are:

  • Health care support and HIV/AIDS programmes
  • Education (trajectory)
  • Development of Youth, Female population crèche Varsity)and Disabled people
  • Rural communities development
  • Environmental conservation awareness and waste management programmes


Enterprise Development

SCE Engineering

SCE Engineering is a company that was formed in 2011 and was the brain child of Thabani Lurwengu who is a qualified engineer. Thabani has 14 years extensive engineering management experience within the petrochemical industry.

SCE Engineering is a level 1 B.E.E, company and 100% Black owned of which 50% is black woman owned.

SCE Engineering specialises in the following:

  • Full design of retail and commercial fuel installations
  • Mechanical steel structures ,piping, pumps, forecourt canopies and loading gantries
  • Petroleum piping , pumps and tank farms
  • Underground tank pressure testing and vacusonic
  • API 653 aboveground storage tanks repairs and quality control
  • Underground / AST pump and tank installations
  • Fire fighting installations

Masana's commitment was to financially assist SCE Engineering to create a sustainable business model .To this end Masana's commitment assisted SCE Engineering in winning some of Masana's projects and also winning new projects within the industry.

Henbro Engineering Services

Henbro Engineering Services CC is an emerging company that was founded in September of 2008 in recognition of skills and experience. The company is committed to contribute to the empowerment, sustainable development and enlistment of the previously disadvantaged required in the New South Africa.
Henbro specialises in the following range of engineering and management disciplines for oil, gas, steel, metallurgical and mining industries to name a few including specialised H.D.P.E/PVC PIPING:

  • Welding
  • Boiler making
  • Vibrating screens
  • Hydraulic pressure testing
  • General maintenance work
  • H.D.P.E piping
  • Tanker repairs
  • Civil

With the financial muscle they received from MASANA ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT in 2015/2016, they managed to secure a welding Academy which has been accredited with MERSETA. The academy since inception has trained 4 students. Henbro are intending to take on 65 students going forward and preparing them for their future.


RE: COVID-19 business continuity update with regards to Level 4 lockdown regulations
30 Apr 2020

The President of the Republic of South Africa recently announced the phased-in risk-adjusted strategy to ease the Covid-19 lockdown and open the economy in 5 Levels. As of 1 May 2020, South Africa will move from the highest Level 5 down to Level 4.

Although under Level 4 some lockdown regulations have been eased, it remains the responsibility of each citizen of South Africa to play their part and assist in combating the spread of Covid-19 and help the country on the path to better health.

As previously communicated, the personal health and safety of our employees and business partners is still our number one priority, followed by minimizing any supply-side interruptions to your business.

The continued supply of petroleum products has been designated as an essential service and this will continue across all levels of the lockdown. As an essential service provider in line with the Lockdown Regulations, as Masana we will continue to meet our obligations to you, our valued customers, as you resume your business activities across the various lockdown levels. Our request is that you timeously inform your Account Manager about your operational and demand requirements as we work through the lockdown levels.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding through these challenging times, and we wish you well as we all work through our response to the pandemic.

RE: Covid-19 Update – Masana’s response to national lockdown
25 Mar 2020

The President of the Republic of South Africa has taken the necessary steps to combat the spread of COVID19 pandemic with the announcement of a national lockdown effective from midnight 26th March until the 15th April.

It is the responsibility of each citizen to play their part and assist in the combating of the spread of this virus and help South Africa on the path to better health. As a corporate citizen, we will continue to play our part. As previously communicated, the personal health and safety of our employees and business partners is our number one priority, followed by minimizing any supply-side interruptions to your business.

Continued supply of petroleum products has been designated as an essential service. With the support of our supply partner, BPSA, we as Masana will fulfill our obligation in this area and continue to supply the fuel needs of the critical and essential services as they carry out their civic duties. I understand the uncertainty, but panic buying is discouraged, as is the case with other sectors.

For more information of COVID-19 in South Africa, please refer to the following websites: the National Institute for Communicable Diseases at and the World Health Organization at

We are committed to listening and acting quickly. Your Account Manager remains your single point of contact on any operational matters.

RE: COVID-19 response and business continuity update
16 Mar 2020

Due to the current and very dynamic status of COVID-19 in South Africa, and as we work through our response plans, we wish to advise you that there is a possibility that from time to time normal deliveries and collection of products may be impacted.

However, Masana is doing everything possible to minimize the potential impact on business operations and customer service.

To this end, we will:

  • Maintain access to our order taking team and customer contact centre;
  • Both teams will be supported by your Account Manager; and
  • BP, our supply and logistics business partner, has confirmed that depot operations will continue for the time being, and on a risk assessed basis.

For the wellbeing and health of our teams and yours, we will reduce personal contact, but still ensure your needs are attended to through remote contact with your Account Manager.

To ensure business continuity and in case of supply disruptions, we recommend that you hold levels of stock higher than the norm.

For more information of COVID-19 in South Africa, please refer to the following websites: the National Institute for Communicable Diseases at and the World Health Organization at

We commit to providing regular updates in the coming days.

Masana Petroleum Solutions Launches BP FleetMove, an innovative fleet management solution
25 Feb 2019

The sheer number of boxes that must be ticked by fleet managers makes the logistics process challenging, time-consuming and fraught with risks and the larger the fleet, the greater the stress on managers.

Masana Petroleum Solutions has extended its long-standing Strategic partnership with BP Southern Africa (BPSA) to deliver an innovative fleet management solution, BP FleetMove, which is designed to improve operational and cost efficiency, as well as productivity using technology.

Launched on Thursday 21 February 2019, BP Fleet Move is designed to improve the overall fleet refuelling journey while providing real-time controls and analytics to reduce operational complexity.

Morena Sithole, Masana Managing Director, highlighted the value of knowing the precise status of a fleet and its operators at all times, saying: “BP FleetMove offers business owners and fleet managers the peace of mind of an expertly managed fleet by giving them full control every kilometre of the road.”

“This technology offers a completely cashless solution to fuel fraud by ensuring that all transactions are pre-authorised using an online platform and provides real-time control of vehicle management via web portals and mobile applications. This not only reduces operating costs substantially but offers new generation fleet management in a simple, cost-effective online format.”

With three versions providing best-fit solutions to different fleet requirements, Masana says the BP FleetMove Card, BP FleetMove Plus, and BP FleetMove Premium (which is modelled on the internet of things) enhances an organisation’s command over everything, from automated payment to driver management and even collision detection.

Fleet Managers are able to perform route monitoring on any vehicle via the telematics portal in real-time, through which they can track location, speed, angle, engine on/off and fuel level.

A major benefit of our flagship offer, BP FleetMove Premium, is the Fuel In Tank (FIT) security feature, where each vehicle is fitted with a fuel level sensing device that allows fleet managers to compare actual fuel tank variances against the fuel volume dispensed at service stations in real-time. Should any threshold variance be breached, an SMS or email alert is sent immediately.

In addition “Driver behaviour can also be monitored via Geo-fencing control, meaning that fleet managers receive an email or SMS alert when a vehicle enters or leaves the Geographic Fence set up for a specific journey,” says Sithole.

“Depending on the customer’s choice of BP FleetMove offer, fleet managers can access all transactions in real-time via the Fleet Management Web Portal and make vital operational decisions on the fly,” he adds, noting that a simple tamper-proof windscreen tag and GPS technology makes individual vehicle monitoring as well as analysis of each vehicle’s entire trip possible, increasing stakeholder trust.

Technology enhances solid service delivery

BP FleetMove is boosted by the extended refuelling network of BP, Cross Border, Homebase and Masana Partner sites.

As a strategic subsidiary to BPSA, one of the largest oil companies in the country, Masana Petroleum Solutions continually seeks to include progressive technology in fuel and fleet management solutions to increase efficiency.

“With BP FleetMove powered by Masana, fleet managers are assured not only of quality fuel but also of an efficient mechanism that takes the hard yards out of managing vehicles.” says BPSA Marketing Manager, Tebogo Mekoa.

Masana has been delivering superior customer solutions and service for almost fifteen years. “At our core, we are customer and market focused. With more than 58% black ownership, of which over 27% comprises black women, our aim is to keep building on our outstanding relationships across all industries and our reputation for quality products and service excellence.” says Sithole.

“BP FleetMove is another milestone in paving the way for our valued customers to ensure their own management excellence,” he concludes.

01 Nov 2016

It is with great pleasure that I announce the next Managing Director of Masana Petroleum Solutions (“Masana”). Mr. Morena Sithole, assumes this role on 1 November 2016, succeeding me as I return to the United Kingdom to take up a new role. Morena is currently the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Masana since January 2016. Prior to joining Masana, Morena occupied several leadership roles in BP Southern Africa since 2001. His last role before joining Masana was that of Country Head for Castrol Lubricants, South Africa from October 2014 to December 2015. He joined Castrol from Air BP Africa, the aviation fuels sales and marketing business of BP’s in the region, where he held the position of Performance Unit Leader for 3 years, with accountability for strategy and operational performance delivery in South Africa and Mozambique. You can rest assured that Masana’s strategy remains focussed on the delivery of our strong customer offer and continued customer service, all delivered through strong partnerships. Thank you for your continued support as we charge ahead under Morena’s new leadership – Mr. Abhay Raichoora, Outgoing Managing Director of Masana

08 Aug 2016

Masana Petroleum Solutions has completed a transaction with a new Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) consortium that will see the new partners acquire a 35% stake in the business after two of its founding shareholders exercised their right to realise their value in the company.

The new consortium consists of three Black Owned venture capital firms, namely Ata Capital, Kwande Capital and Identity Capital partners all with extensive experience as fund managers across a wide range of sectors such as mining, energy, infrastructure telecommunications and financial services.
Shakes Matiwaza from Kwande Capital, the consortium’s Chief Executive says “We are excited to be a shareholder in Masana. The 35% share acquisition is a significant investment for us and we are excited and looking forward to creating value for Masana. Lelo Rantloane from Ata Capital and Deon Dhlomo from Kwande Capital and will join the board of Directors of Masana”.

The transaction was concluded after a 10-month competitive process where every bidder was treated in a fair and transparent manner.

As part of the transaction, the Mineworkers Investment Company (MIC) and the WDB Investment Holdings (WDBIH) realised their value by selling their equity stake after being part of the Masana success story over the last 10 years which saw the company grow strongly. Both companies have been active participants in the growth of Masana and have achieved their initial goals of investment in the company and are proud of their association with Masana.

Commenting on the exit of the current partners, Paul Nkuna, the chairman of Masana Petroleum Solutions said: “While all parties have benefitted from our partnership, our founding empowerment partners have decided to realise their value from the company which is common with all growing businesses. The announcement today shows our continued commitment to South Africa’s transformation agenda as we welcome new B-BBEE shareholders in Masana.”

Cynthia Mapaure, Financial Director of Mineworkers Investment Company (MIC) noted: “We have been invested in Masana for over 10 years, and our investment has consistently performed to expectations. Besides the value considerations for the MIC, the disposal of the Masana investment has provided an opportunity for new B-BBEE entrants to invest in a dynamic business with strong management and good future prospects. We wish the company and its new partners well in its future endeavours,” she says.

Faith Khanyile, the Chief Executive Officer of WDBIH said: “Our investment in Masana Petroleum Solutions over the last 10 years has enabled WDBIH to be at the forefront of uplifting the economic status of women in South Africa. Masana has grown to be a successful business and a good demonstration of how economic transformation and B-BBEE can lead to success in the petroleum industry where there has been limited participation of women. Our investment in Masana has exceeded our initial expectations. Our partnership has gone a long way in assisting our mandate to ensure that we deliver on business growth through our investments and realise transformation through our active involvement and establishing long term partnerships. We wish Masana and the new shareholders well for the future,” she says.