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Through its association with Energy & Combustion Services (ECS), Masana provides highly innovative solutions to the mining and industrial sectors, ensuring significant fuel savings to customers that are validated via expert measurement and verification methodologies certified to SANS 50010-2011; while following the International Performance and Verification Protocol (IPMVP -2012).

ECS/Masana Solutions

ECS professional services,technologies and support for the energy management process include:

  • Metering,measuerement and data acquistion
  • Usage analysis
  • Energy auditing
  • Baseline energy modelling
  • Opportunity identification

Section 12L Energy Reduction Tax Incentive Overview

Significant opportunity exists in the application of the Section 12L tax incentive to energy savings projects. Section 12L is an Energy Incentive aimed at the efficient use of energy to safeguard the security of supply and it provides an opportunity for industry stakeholders to put energy efficiency measures in place to reduce carbon emissions going forward.

The key aspects of the Section 12L tax incentive are:

• A Deduction from taxable income of 95 cents per verified kilowatt hour (kWh) or equivalent kWh of energy efficiency savings applies to projects implemented from 1 March 2015 for years of assessment ending before 1 January 2020.
• It is applicable to one full year of assessment (12-month window of savings) for kWh savings perproject assessed.
• The energy efficiency savings are claimable on receiving a certificate from an accredited M&V Inspection Body/ Professional such as the ECS M&V Body.
• Additional benefit to after tax return generated on projects. Effective 26.6 cents per kWh of energy saved or an effective R2.73 per litre of diesel fuel saved.
• Improved after tax cash flows on projects

Measurement and Verification Services

Performance Measurement and Verification (M&V) is a globally recognised inspection process governed by various international standards and protocols, with a broad range of applications.

The M&V services of ECS encompass:

  • Testing design, specification, implementation
  • Testing, measurement systems
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Mathematical modelling and calibrated performance simulation for:
    • Product energy and productivity performance testing
    • Energy forecasting
    • Contract performance assessment and dispute resolution
    • Energy savings intervention/projects assessments

These services form an integral part of our client decision support around production plant
investment and performance contract management.

Energy Plus

ECS’s Productivity and Energy Management Services (Energy Plus) is a proven high performance management programme specifically designed for mining and industrial processes. Here, massive opportunities exist for productivity improvement and energy savings via strategic cost control, production process/systems optimisation and minimisation of waste. Energy Plus is the answer.


GreenServe focuses on electronic job carding and proof of service, spare parts inventory
management, job planning and time control, service technician and equipment utilisation.

Benefits include:
• Automated, integrated, complete and accessible field services data and related information
• Improved job planning and tracking
• Service workforce productivity
• Visibility of the mobile workforce
• Real-time proof of service


SmartLog focuses on electronic logging of inspection, proof of inspection, inspection log retrieval, exception and non-compliance reporting and management, inspection workflow optimisation and enforcement, and post-inspection reporting.

Benefits include:
• Automated, integrated, complete and accessible inspection data
• Improved data precision and accuracy
• Better inspection workforce productivity
• Greater inspection compliance and workflow management
• Enhanced visibility of remote inspection workflow
• Real-time proof of inspection and work permits
• Simple retrieval of inspection reports