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Masana supplies bulk fuels to the Mining sector; we are also the route-to-market for Castrol mining lubricants. These include engine, transmission, hydraulics, turbine, and gear oils; greases, coolants, rock drill lubricants, and high-performance lubes and greases which provide technically superior synthetic, semi-synthetic and conventional lubricant properties well-suited to the Mining sector. These high-performing products improve equipment life while reducing downtime, maintenance costs, and waste lubricant disposal. Masana can also assist in facilitating discussions directly with Castrol regarding commercial road transport lubricants.

Commercial Road Transport

Through a strategic partnership, Masana and bp have both placed a strong focus on Commercial Road Transport. Our goal is to harness the power of leading technology within our fuel management solutions, and our vision inspired us to develop innovative offers. These include bp FleetMove Plus and bp FleetMove Premium, which are both a new generation of technology-driven fleet fuel management solutions.


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Industrial, Construction & Manufacturing

With the ability to provide the Industrial, Construction & Manufacturing sectors with a wide range of quality bulk fuels such as Diesel (all grades), Illuminating Paraffin, Bitumen, and Heavy Furnace Oils (HFO); Masana can provide tailor-made, cost-saving and sustainable solutions for these industries.


Through our strategic partnerships with our wholesale partners and guaranteed access to an established, nationwide infrastructure; Masana can reliably supply bulk & retail fuel solutions to large and medium-sized Agricultural Co-ops.