bp FleetMove

What is bp FleetMove?

bp FleetMove is an innovative, real-time fuel monitoring solution designed to reduce fraud, manage vehicles, and reduce your operating costs. bp FleetMove offers a range of packages, all geared towards small to large- scale commercial road transport operators.

bp FleetMove’s innovative solutions include:

bp FleetMove gives business owners and fleet managers peace of mind, knowing that their fleet is being expertly managed and that they have full control every kilometre of the way.

With bp FleetMove’s cashless refuelling solutions, every aspect of fuel fraud is significantly reduced. Fleet managers have real-time control of refuelling and vehicle management via FleetMove’s web portal and mobile  application, which substantially reduces your overall operating costs.

Why bp FleetMove?

bp FleetMove is designed to significantly reduce losses incurred due to fuel fraud and theft, and offers fleet managers the opportunity to take control of their fleet in a powerful yet simple way.

Experience an unprecedented level of control over your operational expenses

bp FleetMove Plus​

bp FleetMove Plus is paperless and cardless making refuelling fast and convenient.

bp FleetMove Plus equipped vehicles are identified via a tamper-proof, vehicle-specific RFID tag; and transactions can only take place at a designated site. Fleet Managers have complete real-time control of all transactions, allowing them to make informed and immediate operational decisions.

bp FleetMove Premium

In addition to the FleetMove Plus elements, FleetMove Premium members’ vehicles are fitted with Telematics vehicle tracking devices, and Fuel In Tank security which means changes in fuel levels are compared to pump transactions in real time.


Driver behaviour can be monitored via geo-fencing control. Fleet Managers will receive an email notification or SMS alert as soon as a vehicle enters or leaves the Geographic Fence that has been set up.


bp FleetMove Plus​

  • bp FleetMove’s fully automated payment process is cardless and paperless – simply fill up and go. No cards, no paper, no vouchers, no fuss. Refuelling transactions are fast and convenient.
  • Tamper-proof RFID windscreen tags, which cannot be transferred to another vehicle, ensure secure vehicle identification prior to refuelling. This minimizes fraud, as transactions can only take place if the vehicle is physically on-site.
  • A Driver PIN is required for each transaction. This enhanced driver security reduces fraud and fuel theft.
  • Online pre-authorisation ensures all refuelling rules are verified prior to fuel being dispensed. Fleet managers can block drivers or vehicles in real-time.
  • Any driver behaviour or pattern that transgresses a refuelling rule will result in an SMS & email alert being sent to fleet managers in real-time, meaning swift action against transgressors.
  • Fleet managers have real-time access to all transactions, pricing reports, refuelling rules, etc. via the Fleet Management Web Portal. This information allows them to make immediate operational decisions.
  • Fleet managers can change any driver or vehicle profile on the web portal, giving them complete and immediate control over all refuelling rules.
  • Fleet managers will have access to a comprehensive refuelling network of bp and Masana partner sites. Customer needs will drive the refuelling footprint.

bp FleetMove Premium

  • With FleetMove Premium, Telematics devices enable vehicle tracking, allowing fleet managers to make immediate operational decisions.
  • Telematics Web Portal access is provided, which allows fleet managers to view real-time fleet vehicle information such as location, speed, angle, engine on/off and fuel level. They can also perform route monitoring on any fleet vehicle using the Telematics Web Portal.
  • Fuel-in-tank Tank security is assured. Changes in vehicle fuel levels are compared in real-time to pump transactions, and if a threshold variance is breached, email and SMS alerts are sent immediately.
  • Fleet managers are able to manage fraud through the Antisyphoning control & detection system. Fuel levels are constantly monitored, and if a sudden level drop is detected, SMS and email alerts are sent immediately.
  • Driver movements can be monitored via Geo-fencing control. SMS and email alerts are sent to fleet managers as soon as a vehicle enters or leaves the Geographic Fence that has been set up.
  • Fleet managers can also activate Optional plug-ins, such as collision detection and full historical telemetry data access, via the Fleet Management Web Portal.

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