FuelMaster Plus

FuelMaster Plus is an electronic refuelling and fuel management system which records and monitors all fuel dispensed, generating accurate and extensive management reports. FuelMaster Plus is robust, simple to operate and requires minimal human intervention.

This smart card-based fuel management system enables secure refuelling at the pump, eliminates the possibility of fuel card fraud; and arms the Fleet Manager with the necessary transactional information to effectively control fuel expenditure. Vehicle oil top-ups can also be purchased using the FuelMaster Plus tag.
Transaction processing:
Feature Function Effect
Wireless Radio Frequency Nozzle (RFN)
Facilitates fast implementation
Low maintenance costs – minimise downtime
Passive Vehicle Installation: No Odometer, possible without VID
Enables Automated Vehicle Identification and Nozzle in Tank Security
Low-Cost equipment with simple and fast installation
Odometer and hour meter monitor simultaneously
Stores odometer and hour meter values in VID
Automatic upload of odometer and engine hour information at refuel
Enhanced VID supports 1 Odometer, 3 Engine Hour inputs and Direct Interface to Canbus (OBD2 protocol support)
Besides supporting multiparameter recording capabilities simultaneously, a direct interface with the Canbus is possible. Vehicle generated odometer and hour meter readings can be recorded exactly as displayed on vehicles instruments
Permits comprehensive recording of the parameters required for accurate fuel management reports - irrespective of vehicle system complexity
FuelMaster Plus networks:
FuelMaster Plus features an extensive network of sites, with over 300 FuelMaster-equipped bp service stations within South African borders. FuelMaster Plus also features a cross-border network that services South African clients crossing the Namibia, Botswana, and Mozambique borders; ensuring that customer fleet routes are catered to.

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